Bookkeeping Services
with a
Personal Touch

We will get your books squared away, your tax returns filed, and provide the
proper training and problem solving so you can grow your business.

A Streamlined Approach for a
Paperless Bookkeeping System

We offer a full-service bookkeeping solution to building your business. Our service is
capable of providing real-time reports for real time financial decision making.
This is how it works:

Easy - Send us your information


Your receipts are digitized in one place—searchable
and readable.


Organized - We extract your information and create the  bookkeeping transaction and attach the receipt

Each transaction has the source document attached.
No need to stress over missing information.

Compliant - We reconcile, review and report your information

Payroll, HST tracking and source document scrutiny
provided including Trust tracking with Lean Law.


Mobile - On the go


Use your smartphone. Access reports and/or receipts
anytime, anywhere.

Our Services


Problem Solving & Training Includes:

Your business is yours. Our problem solving techniques and training give you the tools to make it your
best version. Informed decisions about business development and growth can only happen when your
financial goals are marked with relevant information from our bookkeeping.

 QuickBooks training and support

 Analysis: accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash flow, revenue, expenses

 Categorization: Financial statements that make sense to you as the owner

 Knowledge: Read statements in a meaningful way with financial ratios, solutions to invoicing and expense tracking with the use of apps

Reporting and compliance ready for:

The CRA, The Law Society of Upper

Canada and board members

Let's Work Together

Get in touch with us for a quote and gain more information about how we can help you.

Fully Certified

Squared Up Ledgers has over 10 years experience working with small
business. I am a QBO certified pro advisor and a designated professional
bookkeeper (CPB).

About Us

Squared Up Ledgers is a full cycle bookkeeping business in Toronto. We work with small businesses to provide them with every
opportunity and support that is usually only given to large businesses. We are looking for clients who want to get organized, stay
compliant and use their financial information for business decision making.
We are all about listening to the client, which includes being available in a timely manner to address business problems. We offer a variety of services, including one-on-one calls or in-person meetings. Our goal is to give other small business owners financial freedom through not only sharing information and resources in the cloud, but also a real person to meet and discuss issues with. Providing this education is crucial for small business owners, so they can make successful sound decisions.
Kyle has been instrumental in all things related to our business finances. As a small business owner,
sometimes its hard to justify cost for services that you think you can handle on your own, but working with
Squared Up Ledgers was the best decision & investment I ever made. At the end of the day, I feel like the
support I received saved me money, time and most importantly my sanity!

I highly recommend Kyle Iwanonkiw and his team. Kyle delivers the accurate and timely financial information
we need that is critical to running our business effectively. He also keeps us current with Canada Revenue
Agency. With Kyle handling our financials, we make better business decisions for the company and have more
time available to focus on our clients.”

—LYNNE O'NEILL, Extraordinary Conversations
We have worked with SquaredUp Ledgers for several years since our company was founded in fact. Kyle and his team have given us accurate, professional and timely service. They have helped us prepare for an examination by CRA, manage the bookkeeping when we shifted from a sole proprietorship to a corporation, deal with the challenges associated with growth in a small company and ensured our payroll and tax reporting was streamlined and done correctly. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
—PAUL ARORA, CEO, Lighthouse Outcomes

Need Help With Your Accounting?

We are here to help you with everything from monthly reporting, to
bookkeeping, personal income taxes, and QuickBooks problem solving.

Let us help you get your business in order.
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